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"Learn and Move On, Don't Dwell."


Maidstone, Kent based Wing Chun teacher Mark Blackbourn

Maidstone, Kent based Wing Chun teacher Mark Blackbourn

Mark Blackbourn Maidstone Wing Chun classes

Mark Blackbourn trained with Impact Wing Chun under the tutelage of Julian Williamson until 2005 until his teacher left the UK to train in Thailand.

His teacher handed over the Wing Chun School in Maidstone to Instruct.

In 2006 Mark started to doubt his training through lack of experience and guidance and wished to know more about the style and believed that there was so much more to understand and learn than the material he had been in Wing Chun to date.

Mark Blackbourn is a genuine martial artist and wanted to give more to his students and develop the school and his own progression and gain credibility through certified instruction.

In late 2006 Mark gained contact with UK Wing Chun Assoc. student and teacher Matt Tucker, who introduced him to Master James Sinclair Founder and Chief Instructor of the UKWCKFA.


Master James and Instructor Matt demonstrated and educated Mark in a different side of Wing Chun that caught his eye and has kept him interested and enthused to date. Mark stated “I was overwhelmed with how direct, efficient and how much of the system I had no idea about.”

Mark Blackbourn has now been training with the UKWCKFA for almost 10 years and continues to progress his training in all aspects to become the best student and instructor he can be. He still states “I have so much more to learn of which I am so excited about.”

Mark completed his first level grading with the highest score ever awarded to a student at the time.

Mark ten went to pass the second level second level grading and is now officially qualified to teach as an instructor.

Mark continues to train and is now progressing toward full instructor certification by the UKWCKFA as a Sifu.  He plans on taking the third level grading and getting his own students through he second level syllabus.

Mark Blackbourn has been teaching the Maidstone Wing Chun branch for a number of years and produced some good students. With the progressive and clear syllabus of the UKWCKFA and Master Sinclair’s support the students his students have a bright future. Whilst the class is small it does offer a more personal level of tuition which suits those who attend.

Mark Blackbourn was awarded the much coveted ‘Student of the Year Award’ for 2012.   He was given this great accolade for his dedication to teaching.

Mark Blackbourn is a genuine and approachable individual .  He teaches in a candid and professional manner. He does not teach for a living and regardless of the volume of students he has attending will always teach with passion and enthusiasm.

Mark Blackbourn remain as very proud asset to the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.

Drop by and experience Mark Blackbourn Wing Chun classes, we feel sure you will agree.  he always offers free trial lessons.  You have nothing to lose.

Tel: 07793 533 088 E-mail Mark Blackbourn here

– See more at: UK Wing Chun Assoc. Main Site

Tel: 07793 533 088 E-mail Mark Blackbourn here

Mark Blackbourn with senior Wing Chun teacher Master Eric Wilson

Mark Blackbourn with senior Wing Chun teacher Master Eric Wilson


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